First of all…

First of all…

To ‘someone’ who always finding me so mysterious and so freaking hard to figure out what’s exactly in my mind, here I am presenting “YOU” the only access to my freaky mind, so …I guess “You” will have to stay tune a little longer la!!

Allow me to be the Classic **’Thank you” gal** for a bit, I do sincerely thank you for you whooshing the first & only “abelleblog” in a very short whiles, you are genius and I just loving & admiring of ;

Special thanks to you for being the BEST bf always and a thousand thanks for every little thing you’ve done and still doing for your lousy gf (so unconditionally). Xie Xie (merci mon amour)


*’Thank you” gal (i.e.: The Gal who has an Unbelievable Peak-tone of saying THANK YOU)