Will it be…?!?

Will it be…?!?

It will be..only if you let it…
Love is simple, a raw feeling to chase after, embrace, cherish, appreciate all along…

No complex, no stupid question, no doubt, no over thinking, no trick, no lies…

To me, love is rare, a simple element needs in my everyday life…love is too difficult to find, and if you happened found it, love is a deeper knowledge of how to make the other half stays and never separated ever again. When love happens, the moment where capturing both of the hearts and chemical consequence happens right next. I cherish love and I embrace love, just because everything you might receiving from love makes one beautiful, makes one so special,  summarized all that, the sweetest smiles results on the face.

To everyone in love, lets be blind and live your simple life in whole for real & for once!!

Cheers, abelle

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