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How abt that??

How abt that??

What keeps you alive under circumstance??

Circumstance like…

No extra youth pretty much left in life;

No work & ZERO of saving in bank;

No contribution to anyone I love, family in particular;

No more so-called ‘AIM’ in life;

No man wants to make you the one & the luckiest & the most beautiful gal for just one day in my life time (just like any of gals out there);

No man wants to make a forever vow with you and promise you he is willing to take best care of you and take over your entire life ever since;


What could possibly keeps you alive? seriously??

I guess…

It would be my limited of faith and loads of illusion & naive.

Crucial one-two ingredient, survival of life!

How abt that??



wat a bless??

wat a bless??

When you found someone is actually acting the same Silly way & doing the same Silly little something like you always do, WAT A BLESS?!?

When you found yourself stucking at somewhere and Still you chose to stay even though you are well aware that you two have no going forward, nor turning back. SILLY?

Huh?? YAY, but in a different way!

Since when this sort of answer became Official and Global??


First of all…

First of all…

To ‘someone’ who always finding me so mysterious and so freaking hard to figure out what’s exactly in my mind, here I am presenting “YOU” the only access to my freaky mind, so …I guess “You” will have to stay tune a little longer la!!

Allow me to be the Classic **’Thank you” gal** for a bit, I do sincerely thank you for you whooshing the first & only “abelleblog” in a very short whiles, you are genius and I just loving & admiring of ;

Special thanks to you for being the BEST bf always and a thousand thanks for every little thing you’ve done and still doing for your lousy gf (so unconditionally). Xie Xie (merci mon amour)


*’Thank you” gal (i.e.: The Gal who has an Unbelievable Peak-tone of saying THANK YOU)