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Will it be…?!?

Will it be…?!?

It will be..only if you let it…
Love is simple, a raw feeling to chase after, embrace, cherish, appreciate all along…

No complex, no stupid question, no doubt, no over thinking, no trick, no lies…

To me, love is rare, a simple element needs in my everyday life…love is too difficult to find, and if you happened found it, love is a deeper knowledge of how to make the other half stays and never separated ever again. When love happens, the moment where capturing both of the hearts and chemical consequence happens right next. I cherish love and I embrace love, just because everything you might receiving from love makes one beautiful, makes one so special,  summarized all that, the sweetest smiles results on the face.

To everyone in love, lets be blind and live your simple life in whole for real & for once!!

Cheers, abelle

122 days…

122 days…

It is official now…
My heart is aching…
I am literally dying inside…
I am kinda a ghost…feeling nothing…
Absolutely no idea what I am actually doing.

122 days? Not enough??
Being with the love one, even though having each other for all life long, still….NOT ENOUGH!! How could it possibly enough??

the cheating husband…

the cheating husband…

How ridiculous it is when the husband is no longer your husband? The husband whose swore to God and made the life promising that he will be always loving you, support you, care of you, promised he will be there whenever you needed him, never let go of each other, for better or worse.

Days after days, somewhat the love fading bit by bit, and transforming into the LONG TERM HABIT and leading you both to one point where both of you start getting lazy, stop giving in any to the husband & wife relationship. Worst place where you both being leaded, the other milestone in a life time, in a devastated way…DIVORCED. When a couple reaching at that point, never fabulous and no need to doubt about it, because, you both might probably hating each other.  Just acting like you two were never existed, all the good memories you once cherished the most burnt into ashes.  And by the time you aware what you might have done to harm the relationship and ruin every pieces of the great moments you two owned for so long back in your earlier life, so unworthy, no?!? The sad thing is that, the chance of getting divorced nowadays is almost equally to the number of people getting married.  People loved getting married without got through the deep thinking, its because…DIVORCED is the trend and offer you the second chance to find your next soul mate in life or more soul mates coming right next.  The world where we are living in is a real mess, and it’s getting more & more nonsense, and then I think…maybe the 2012.12.21, the rumor of the end of the world wasn’t such a bad idea in fact.  Might be it is time for sending us, the human back to the primary Adam & Eve stage and rebuilt a better world & reeducated people how to live & act like one.  I understood how extreme of me expressing my thought when writing this and I do hate thinking things like this…but still, I stand by and I meant every single word I had written here, and I am sharing with you,, maybe just you, all you have to do is finding this article & read it through.

To one whose reading this, thanks indeed for sharing my mind.


So unfair! No?!?

So unfair! No?!?

In accordance with my little life experiences for “all”, least to me…

No one on earth is Perfect…yep, agreed!!

Either one thing u can owned it, variety of the most beautiful thing u had ever achieved by far…

Deal is…

That’s all it!! Nothing more, nay, for the rest, u will literally walking with the fact of OUT of Luck and u will have to carry in your whole Life.


Some people out there whose having it all with none of an effort they had never made??

For my whole life, I’ve been giving all my efforts just to attempt making better this and that, I am not a mean person, but WHY I just can’t achieved this & that??



How abt that??

How abt that??

What keeps you alive under circumstance??

Circumstance like…

No extra youth pretty much left in life;

No work & ZERO of saving in bank;

No contribution to anyone I love, family in particular;

No more so-called ‘AIM’ in life;

No man wants to make you the one & the luckiest & the most beautiful gal for just one day in my life time (just like any of gals out there);

No man wants to make a forever vow with you and promise you he is willing to take best care of you and take over your entire life ever since;


What could possibly keeps you alive? seriously??

I guess…

It would be my limited of faith and loads of illusion & naive.

Crucial one-two ingredient, survival of life!

How abt that??



wat a bless??

wat a bless??

When you found someone is actually acting the same Silly way & doing the same Silly little something like you always do, WAT A BLESS?!?

When you found yourself stucking at somewhere and Still you chose to stay even though you are well aware that you two have no going forward, nor turning back. SILLY?

Huh?? YAY, but in a different way!

Since when this sort of answer became Official and Global??